Why Is The Water Fed Pole System So Good?

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Water Fed Pole window cleaning or the Reach and Wash  system uses de-ionised water pumped through a lightweight telescopic pole to a high quality soft filament brush head. The brush dislodges any stubborn dirt which is washed away by the jets of water. The pure water left on the windows then dries naturally leaving a perfectly clear finish.

What Is De-Ionised Water?

Normal tap water is full of dissolved chemicals and minerals which leave spots and marks on windows when it dries. Pure de-ionised water has all the deposits removed so it simply evaporates leaving no marks behind.

Pure water is also the most effective way of removing the dirt that builds up over time on the windows because it dissolves small particles and holds them in suspension. The dirt is then washed away and the windows finally rinsed with more pure water leaving a streak-free finish, all without the use of any detergents.

  • It’s environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used.
  • You can reach previously unreachable windows.
  • And it keeps windows cleaner for much longer.

Really Cleaner For Longer?

Traditional window cleaning always leaves a film of detergent which  will attract dirt which sticks to the window quickly. Pure water leaves a perfectly clean window which makes it harder for dirt and grime to build up which leaves the windows and frames cleaner for longer!It can take a couple of cleans before all of the dirt that gathers in the seals and gaps in the frames is washed out and all the previous chemicals are washed from the windows but after that you can be guaranteed that your windows would never had looked so good!